TRI-C Academy

TRI-C Academy

Tri-C, a medical training and innovation academy, is a place for continuous professional development for healthcare practitioners across all medical disciplines. Our state of the art training facility, conveniently located near some of the key Dubai landmarks and medical institutions, provides healthcare and medical education bespoke courses that will create a community of best practice in the region.

Partnerships with key global organizations allow us to bring the most up to date courses to the region, providing local access to global courses and educators, enabling us to enhance healthcare education and its delivery in the region and across the world.

We are using the latest innovative technology to ensure knowledge and skills retention which will include an e-learning platform, web-based learning and live surgical transmissions.

We are not only catering for the education of healthcare professionals, but will be a support and education centre for ordinary people who may be suffering from health issues, along with their family and friends who may also needs some support in helping their loved ones. We are also an educational hub for schools and colleges, giving a real insight into the medical field to our future healthcare professionals.

We are a community where everyone belongs.