HealthTech Innovation Award

Hosted by BII World

29th September |14:40 hrs. GST

(Event will also be Live Telecasted)

HealthTech Innovation Awards have been constituted to recognise and appreciate the efforts of various organizations, associations, and service providers in the field of healthcare services. We seek to honour the pioneers and visionaries who are going the extra mile to transform the healthcare industry and making this world a better place to live in.

Covid pandemic has really shown us the need to upscale our healthcare facilities and infrastructure. Through this award, we aim to honour organisations, that have consistently demonstrated exemplary performance.

We admire the great brains who are coming – up with breakthrough technologies in every aspect of healthcare to provide better and enhanced patient care. Technologies from Star-ups have ground-breaking research needs grab the centre stage.

HealthTech Innovation Awards aims to serve as an effective platform for healthcare industry to showcase their talent and identify leaders within the industry.

Our inaugural Award Ceremony will set a benchmark, inspiring other organisations, Start- ups to attain their own goals!


Nominate your choice for 1 or ALL Award Categories to assist their victory.

Nominations and Voting will close on the 3rd of September 2021.

Submit Your Award Nomination

Nominate your vote for below Award Categories:

For Hospitals

  • Best Hospital of the Year – Best Hospital in Virtual Care Excellence Award
  • Best Hospital of the Year – Best Green Hospital
  • Best Hospital of the Year – Best Hospital in Tech Adoption
  • Best Multi- Speciality Hospital of the Year
  • Excellence for Health Services during Crisis Awards
  • Best Innovation in Quality and Safety Delivery
  • Best Use of Technology in Speciality   – Oncology and Haematology
  • Best Use of Technology in Speciality   – Obesity
  • Best Use of Technology in Speciality – Obstetrics and Gynaecology
  • Best Use of Technology in Speciality – Paediatrics and Neo Natal Care
  • Patient Experience Excellence Awards
  • Fastest Growing Hospital Chain

For Technology

  • Best Virtual Care App of the Year
  • Best mHealth App of the Year
  • Best Healthcare Insurance Innovation Awards
  • Best Hospital Technology Implementation
  • Best Health Network Technology Implementation
  • Best Platform on Patient registration & scheduling Solution
  • Best Health Informatic Platform
  • Innovation in Healthcare Wearables Award
  • Best Patient Engagement Innovation Award
  • Best Electronic Health Record Services
  • Best IoT Healthcare Platform
  • Best Data Security Solution Award
  • Best Use of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare / AI Innovation Award
  • Best Connected Health Platform
  • Best Healthcare Big Data Platform
  • Best Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)
  • Best Overall Telemedicine Platform of the Year
  • Best widely accepted Product of the year
  • Best Innovative Healthcare Start-Up of the Year
  • Best Product Research – Start- up Award.
  • Best Middle East HealthTech Innovation Award




The judging process is also a streamlined one. All award nominations are fully analyzed, evaluated and scored by our expert panel of judges, representing a mix of non-profit organizations, associations, academic institutes, and analytical expertise within the healthtech sector.

* Some members of the Jury have chosen to remain anonymous.

Prof. Michael Miller

WHO Digital Health Technical Advisory Group (DHTAG) Roster of Experts

World Health Organization

Dipak Kalra


The European Institute for Innovation through Health Data

Dr Jassim Haji

President Group of International Artificial Intelligence, Chairman of industrial Advisory Board

Arab Open University, Kingdom of Bahrain

Dr. Alisdair Smithies

Director of Operations (Education)

Institute of Global Health Innovation, Imperial College London

Dr. Noura Khamis Saeed Alghaithi

Chief Operating Officer

Ambulatory Healthcare Services, SEHA

Najeeb Al-Shorbaji

President – eHealth Development Association | President – Middle East and North Africa Association of Health Informatics

Vice-President – International Medical Informatics Association